Getting Started

Published February 6, 2014 by Lisa Powell

Getting started as a Indie Author can be confusing, I know it was for me. There are so many different sites to upload your work to. So many different specs, each site requires, it can become overwhelming. If you ask other people about them, everyone has different opinions about things, so still you are confused. Then the hardest part promoting your work, getting a fan base, selling your book. Again, so many websites out there, blogs, tweet, facebook, free website. The list goes on on on. Soon you will have all these blogs and websites going on you will get confused. Oh and don’t forget about all the groups you will join. Most the people in these groups are very helpful and nice. But sometimes by the end of the day you just want to pull your hair out if you have any left. Being an Indie can be tough, but once you start selling and get that fan base, it will be worth it.

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