Book Format Nightmare!

Published January 28, 2016 by Lisa Powell

There are several different avenues out there to publish your books. You would think they would at least follow the same format, but nooo.. Each site has its own way. Why? To confuse the author who is uploading their book. Each cover specs are different, each table of contents are different. When you first start out you don’t know where to go or what to do. You try going with the obvious, but they don’t have the options your looking for. Once you upload your book you can’t delete it, which I think is ridiculous, even if you don’t publish through them. It sits as a draft. Then you go through another site, you follow their specs, but your book keeps getting rejected for premium. In order to fix the problem you have to go through the whole uploading process again, instead of just fixing the interior or exterior. It’s frustrating and takes up time.
Then you go to another site. Everything passes YA!, If there is a mistake somewhere, you only have to fix that part and not go through the whole uploading process. But the downside is, it takes longer for your books to get distributed to certain channels, ugh. So you sit back and weigh your options. Do you want it to take longer for your books to get distributed? Do you want to go through the whole process of uploading if you have one to many spaces after your title? You keep getting rejection notices in your email to fix the problem? It’s up to you. I made my discussion.
I am going with one site. I went and changed all my books to that site. I opt out on sending my books through certain channels so some of my books links won’t work after 24 hours. Besides no matter how much advertising you do it seems one site gets more sales than the other. They still get distributed all around it just takes a little longer.


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