Good Day at the Tax Office

Published February 7, 2016 by Lisa Powell

Everyone thinks their books will change the world. But what about inspiring
others? Being an author/writer is more than just writing. It’s about
inspiring others. Here’s my story.

I went to get my taxes done, I know everyone groan, I use the same person
every year he is in his late 70’s. He was talking about writing a book a
couple years ago. I told him I was a writer/author and we talked for a
while. The next year he was contemplating about the different avenues in
which to publish and how much it cost. We talked more. This year I go there
and he smiled. ‘I published my book.’ He went over to a drawer and pulled out
his book. He tells me, if it wasn’t for me, he would have never taken that
first step and published. It’s a boy scout book, with camp fire spooky
stories. With all the legends and how the camp came to be. He was a boy
scout at this camp. The camp is still open today, he made is money back and
all proceeds go to the camp. He wrote an inscription to me and handed me the
book. My husband was so proud and I was almost speechless. My books may not
have changed anything, but being a writer did plus he saved me money on my
taxes, *grin* That was a great feeling, me inspiring someone. Someone who
indeed is very profitable in selling his book.

I guess it stems back when I first started out looking for answers, before I
published. I asked an indie author a couple questions. Someone, everyone
loves and I to loved her books. But she got snotty with me and made me feel
like an idiot. Well dah! I have never done this before, I don’t know what I
am doing. I don’t buy her books anymore either, just because of that fact.
So at that point I decided I would never do that to someone else if they
asked for help or information. And it has paid off.


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